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I have an Arvin formica table with 4 vinyl covered chairs from the XXXX's for sale. The table is 40' x 25' with fold out extensions that make it 40' x 40'. It also has a built in silverware drawer. The chairs are in need of some TLC but are structurally sound. I am asking 10 LDs for the whole set. If you would like to see some pictures and/or are interested in purchasing please email me (xxxx) at XXXXXXXXXX

Decomposing straw
Decomposing Straw mixed with goat poop. Use as mulch or compost. I would like it gone as I want to use the space for something else.

Health & Personal
Wedding officiant, commitment ceremonies
It will be my honor to assist you and your loved one in creating a ceremony to celebrate your marriage. I have enjoyed helping couples to create their union since XXXX. I have a Masters in Divinity from an Interfaith Seminary and excellent local references (including some on 4th Corner!)45 LD (or equivalent in LD and cash)for services near Bellingham (some LD for travel to outer Whatcom and Skagit Counties) which includes assistance in creating your ceremony, rehearsal, and ceremony. Call xxxxxxxx at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Plant and Garden Watering
I will water your house plants and/or garden when you're away.

I have LOTS, and it lasts all summer, so if you want to make jam or pie, let me know.

Gardening & Yard Work
Permaculture Design Consultant
Co-create you earthwise garden-home sanctuary. . . I'm a certified permaculture design consultant & garden-educator. . Learn to create a plan and prioritize tasks for a healthy home habitat that includes a multi-system & multi-function approach. Learn to integrate systems: water, shelter, waste-recycling, edible garden, medicinal forestry, energy, & beauty.. …. “Earthcare Garden Designs” offers consulting & mentoring for a plan that expresses your personal vision for your home-habitat. Project Manager services also offered. . . . . Installations considered for special projects. . . . .Initial Meeting Session offered for donation at our Hearstong Garden Sanctuary location. . . Follow up Consultations on your site - minimum 3 meetings encouraged. .We request combo LD/cash of “4 LD per hr. plus travel expense' - (Or $30 hr USD). . .(Gifting economy & Reduced rates may apply to past garden-helpers)...Email your interests & special needs. . 'Care for the Earth....Care for the People...Share the Surplus'. (11-15)

Baking desserts
Brownies, lemon sour cream poundcake, non-fat cheesecake -mmmm. I can bake almost anything. Great backyard barbecues, dinner parties, sweetheart, potlucks. . . heck, you can even pass it off as your own cooking! You pay cash for the ingredients, but LD for labor.

Gardening & Yard Work
Purple Iris Tubers
Several, mostly purple, bearded iris ready to plant NOW for blooming this spring. Easy to grow, and they spread over time! Great as cut flowers.

Professional Services
Partial Listing Fee in LD's To Sell Your Home!
Let me help you sell your home! $XXX of the commission is payable in Life Dollars. (My services are FREE if you are buying a home.) Long-time 4th Corner member with 11 years of experience in the real estate industry. Call me today! xxxxxxxx Ann xxxxxx, Licensed Real Estate Consultant with MacDonough Real Estate, Bellingham. XXXXXXXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Strawberry Plants
Strawberry plants... I have lots to trade. Plant now so plants will be able to bear this summer.

Health & Personal
As a thirty-year practitioner, I offer guidance in the use of the I Ching (Book of Changes) to help clarify motivations and remove unconscious obstacles to reveal answers within your own heart. Psychologist Carl Jung said of the I Ching, “It offers neither facts nor power, but for lovers of self-knowledge, of wisdom… it seems to be the right book… Let it go forth into the world for the benefit of those who can discern its meaning.” I invite you to relax with a short shoulder rub, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea, and toss the coins. Using various translations, we will “discern meaning” and explore your emerging path. By donation.

Gardening & Yard Work
Lilac Bushes
I have several lilac starter bushes. Mostly white ones are available currently. One or two very large lilac bushes are available. I live just a few blocks from Hastings and Sheridan Center and can give directions from there if you are interested, after a potluck or orientation meeting.

Garden Mentoring
Consultations offered: Practice Beyond-Organic Gardening Methods, and co-create a Nourishing, Fragrant, Edible, Living-Sanctuary in your own home/yard, or come practice in ours - at Heartsong Garden Sanctuary. Learn to co-create your personal healing space that is abundant with plant diversity, living fertile soil, attracts birds, honeybees, nature spirits & pollinators. . I’ve nurtured both experienced & new gardeners who have blossomed into enthusiastic caretakers of the earth. . I use ecological, beyond-organic, permaculture & intuitive methods & have professionally gardened for over 30 years. I'm a retired counselor & health-care worker. .I'm called to bring humans back into the garden. . .We can learn together in your garden or spend time together at Heartsong Sanctuary. Currently I'm the caretaker of Heartsong Garden Sanctuary..I’ve gardened professionally in a botanical garden, health clinic, schools & private gardens. .Experience includes working with people with disabilities & children...(Certified in Permaculture Design & degree BA Environmental St./Ecological Ag.). .Email both your interest & needs. . . 'Walk Gently on the Earth.-.Nourish a Garden.-.Plant a Tree & Share the Fruit” (08-15)

Arts & Crafts
Quilting or sewing help
Start or complete a quilt, learn to use a rotary cutter, sew on buttons, hem your pants, use a pattern. . .you name it, I can probably help with it. I have two sewing machines and a bright studio space. I can help you or just do it for you. . .

Spanish for travelers
Experienced Spanish teacher/Latin America traveler (20+ trips) offers personally-tailored language lessons, plus expert travel recommendations for maximizing your travel time. Plan your independent jouneys, volunteering, wildlife watching in Mexico, Central and South America. 2 LDs for each 60 minute class; rates negotiable depending on number of sessions and students. Willing to do trades or accept LDs. Call xxxx 'Eduardo' (XXX) XXX-XXXX

free stuff @ lincoln & calhoon
look under 'freebies' category for info ~ i put it there but didn't see it go out in email notices ! ? s call laura XXX XXXX ~~><>

Business & Administration
Writing, editing, proofreading
Degreed journalist and freelance writer can help you compose your thoughts and organize written presentations. Make a great first impression with resumes and cover letters or present yourself in the best light on social networking and/or dating sites.

free pile at my corner & more inside if ask!!
free pile lincoln & calhoun , much more stuff inside { ask me } , free , any amount of LD. by donation ~ clothing, varios kinds of cloth , books, cedar shingles for kindling { bring box} ,some lumber {ask} call me if want things from inside ! XXX XXXX { i don't look at computer very often }

Gardening & Yard Work
Forsythia bushes
forsythia bushes for the digging ! 4ft tall A some bigger . phone me please {i don't do computer often }

Gardening & Yard Work
hellebores that thrive in sunny areas
I have various sizes of sun loving hellebores... small and medium. Cream colored flowers, vigorous growth. Good time, this spring, to transplant!

4th Corner Facebook Group!
Learn more about this wonderful community through our Facebook group. It's a great place to post photos of your items for sale! I have sold several things for LD's before I even put them on our FCX site. Invite people, post notes, links, questions to others, etc. Put faces with names! Please spread the word -- help our community get to know each other better. https://XXXXXXXXXX/groups/XXXXXXXXXXX/?notif_t=group_r2j

Gardening & Yard Work
berry bushes
both marion berry and gooseberry bushes available now!

Metal detecting
I am interested in finding new areas for metal detecting. I will pay LDs for permission to search on your property as well as share if anything of value is found. I have an extra metal detector and would be happy to show you how to use it so we can metal detect your property together. Mike XXX-XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Several varieties of columbines, several colors and different types of flower blooms. 4 plants for 1 LD.

looms for good deal !!!
looms { scand.loom gone } now have 52' wide loom with flying shuttle , very fun to weave on! needs some tlc. { i can show u how to fix} scandanavian style ~~ other is smaller & can be had for much less ! phone me cause don't loook acomputer much THANKS !! laura XXX-XXXX ~~~

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