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Health & Personal
Guided nature walks in the Olympic Mountains
I would delight in organizing and leading any walking trip, from short day hikes up the Graywolf River trail to longer multi-day excursions, even a climb of Mt. Olympus, including natural history of the Olympic Mountains. 2 LD for a guided day hike for 2-4 people, call me xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Professional Services
Somatic Integration and Life Coaching
Hello. Feel free to check out my website at I am devoted to helping people create more flow, alignment and success in their lives through a process known as life coaching. I have my CPCC credentials from the Coaches Training Institute and have a bachelor's degree with a concentration in somatic psychology from Western Washington University. I'd love to help you get clear on your values and goals while also finding your roots in the change you want to see in your life. I am studying to be a family and couples therapist at Antioch University starting this coming fall. Somatic psychology informs my work, but I do not offer treatment of any kind. I am happy to chat with you about what transformation you are experiencing currently or are looking to experience. I am not a guide but act more like a partner with you as you travel on your life path. Coaching can be incredibly fun and powerful. I look forward to connecting with you to see if we're a good fit. Offered for 2 life dollars per one hour session. Please contact me through my website. Thanks.

Music & Entertainment
Mobile recording studio
Record your original music or spoken word! I have recorded many of my original tunes on my KORG digital 16-track recording studio. I can also advise you on production, even play guitar, bass, other instruments on your recordings (trade: you to sing or play on my recorded songs). My rate is negotiable depending on how much mixing involved. Contact me for more info. (XXX) XXX-XXXX xxxxP

Occasional Truck for Hauling/Moving
Truck for helping to haul/move. Let me know where you need to go and what you need to haul and I'll see if we can set something up!! You bring the Brawn, I bring the truck! xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX

Building Services
Remodel/ Construction
Able to do smaller scale projects at this time. Capable of most construction needs from shelves to additions! 3LD an hour

Arts & Crafts
Studio space
I have a nice, bright studio space that I would love to share. It is set up with a sewing machine, iron, room to cut large pieces of fabric, a radio, and a thick wool rug. In addition, you could prevail upon me for sewing, quilting, knitting lessons I do a little of everything. I just hate to see this nice space sitting empty everyday - maybe you'd like to spend a quiet evening out there working on your projects?

Arts & Crafts
Crochet instruction
Crochet instruction, including basic and intermediate skills, and practical items possible with use of these skills (bags, lace, etc). 1 LD per hour, or possible payment of half cash and half LDs.

Basic PC computer tutoring
Basic skills taught for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as basic internet skills such as search engines, email, and facebook. Comparable programs possibly as well (ie: a program similar to Microsoft Word, etc.). I am based out of Port Townsend.

Need some occasional, reliable transportation? I have a little car that spends many days in the driveway and would be happy to share as long as you have proof of insurance.

Personal chef
I love to cook. If you do not, or cannot, I would love to cook for you. Let's toss around some ideas!

Children & Childcare
Much of my background is in working with children and youth (outdoor education), and now I have a son, born in XXXX (=motherhood experience). I'd be happy to help with your child(ren) if you're seeking childcare in the Port Townsend area. Let's meet and see if our families are a match! We currently homeschool, and I am self-employed, so we have a semi-flexible schedule...let's talk!

Health & Personal
Now offering your choice of bodywork, for Life Dollars or a combination USD/LD (negotiable)..I want my Service to be accessible to all! I am a Professional, Licenced Massage Therapist (WA lic # MAXXXXXXXX). I'm dedicated to helping people out of the pain cycle! I specialize in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Craniosacral Therapy, and Aromatouch Technique, for pain and inflammation reduction (have had particular success with whiplash and other neck injuries and shoulder pain/low back pain)...and I can also provide “Symphony of the Cells” Treatments, targeting a specific body system that needs the extra support. I would love to chat with you and see how I can help! I hope to hear from you, and work with you on your path towards more complete wellness! :) Be well, always and in all ways!

Mac tutoring/assistance
I offer friendly, low-stress help sessions tailored to your needs, so you can get things accomplished with your amazing Mac! Let me answer your questions, show you simple, useful tips to make your work easier: things like 'keyboard shortcuts' to reduce mouse hand fatigue, how to organize and BACK UP your files; putting your iTunes music on your mobile device, working with Pages, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, to record and publish your creative work. Family history project? Let me help you scan old photos or slides, and guide you to create a keepsake DVD to share with the family. 1-2 LD's per hour, open to trades. Phone consultation possible too! xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Music & Entertainment
Subdued Stringband Jamboree
Weekend Pass and Single Day Pass for the XXXX Jamboree Aug 8,9, 10 The advance weekend pass covers thursday, friday and saturday. Single Day Passes are good for any one day. The Gate does not accept LD's Camping is not included in the weekend pass. Camping is not available via LD's There are an unlimited amount of passes available for LDs but there is a limit of 2 per member. THE SUBDUED STRINGBAND JAMBOREE is a local music festival, that happens at the Deming Log Show Fairgrounds, the second weekend in Aug. 'Three nights and a day of picking, singing, and stomping.' http://XXXXXXXXXX See the Jamboree Website for more information. ADVANCE WEEKEND PASSES FOR 10 Life dollars. Single Day Advance Tickets are available for 4LDs Unlimited amount of passes available. But! Only 2 tickets avail per member. Kids under 14 admitted free to festival. Camping Fee's not avail via LD's. LD's are not accepted at the gate. To order tickets, please send an email to Zuul at XXXXXXXXXX Orders are taken until sunday aug 6th, XXXX Jamboree and the Fourth Corner Exchange have partnered. Members are encouraged to buy tickets with LDs. Musicians who become members will be paid in LD;s in addition to USD wages.

Health & Personal
Personalized Prayer For You
I believe in prayer and pray nearly every day. I want to offer the opportunity to you for me to pray for something that's important to you. I am not religious and my prayers are non-sectarian and non-religious, though I am accepting and open to all religions and your own personal beliefs. For one life dollar, I will incorporate your prayer in my prayer practice after you have sent me an email with what you'd like me to include. You can contact me through my website:

Health & Personal
Somatic Cosmology
The body holds memories both supportive and suppressive. These memories offer a doorway into healing. Utilizing Astrology and Sacred Sound Tools, these memories can be brought into focus to be worked with to bring about clarity of purpose or a Sense of peace and relaxation. 10 Life dollars

Arts & Crafts
Quilting or sewing help
Start or complete a quilt, learn to use a rotary cutter, sew on buttons, hem your pants, use a pattern. . .you name it, I can probably help with it. I have two sewing machines and a bright studio space. I can help you or just do it for you. . .

Health & Personal
As a thirty-year practitioner, I offer guidance in the use of the I Ching (Book of Changes) to help clarify motivations and remove unconscious obstacles to reveal answers within your own heart. Psychologist Carl Jung said of the I Ching, It offers neither facts nor power, but for lovers of self-knowledge, of wisdom it seems to be the right book Let it go forth into the world for the benefit of those who can discern its meaning. I invite you to relax with a short shoulder rub, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea, and toss the coins. Using various translations, we will discern meaning and explore your emerging path. By donation.

Select Car Repair
I have worked on my own cars for 17 years. I can fix a lot, but certainly not all, vehicle problems. If you have a problem you need diagnosed or a part that needs to be replaced, I will consult with you, and let you know if it's something I can fix. You buy the parts, and I will do the work, or teach you to do it if you want to learn. LD cost depends on job.

Pet and plant sitting
I will care for your pets and/or plants while you're away. Reliable care for cats, dogs, chickens, and goldfish. If you've got some other beloved critter, I'll give it a try. Two LDs per hour. I typically do two to four 30-minute visits per day, depending on your pets' needs. If you need something else, please ask.

Gardening & Yard Work
Plant and Garden Watering
I will water your house plants and/or garden when you're away. I charge 2 LifeDollars per hour. Usually watering can be done in half an hour, for 1 LifeDollar.

Baking desserts
Brownies, lemon sour cream poundcake, non-fat cheesecake -mmmm. I can bake almost anything. Great backyard barbecues, dinner parties, sweetheart, potlucks. . . heck, you can even pass it off as your own cooking! You pay cash for the ingredients, but LD for labor.

Building Services
Table Router and Chop Saw
Do you need a few hours use of one of these wonderful shop tools? Borrow mine. The chop saw is great - beautifully mitered corners are possible with this powerful saw, as well as clean, straight cuts. Lightweight tile saw works well for small jobs and I have all the accoutrements as well (blades, float, spacers, etc.) Collapsible lightweight sawhorse made of plastic are useful for cutting wood or creating a temporary work table.

Professional Services
Available for a variety of tasks
Housecleaning, yard work/cleanup and organizing/decluttering. I can provide professional references from happy clients/employers. For Fourth Corner members, I charge $15 + 1.5 LD. I have a fair amount of availability and sometimes can work on short notice (just depends). Call XXX-XXXX

Health & Personal
Human Design readings
Human Design takes astrology to a new level, providing insight into what makes you tick. Useful in decision-making, e.g., career, projects and relationship choices. You'll gain insight into your conscious and unconscious behaviors, preferences, ways of seeing the world, etc. I will explain your chart, which is calculated using the exact date, time, and location of your birth. Cool stuff! 1.5 LD

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